1972 Norton Commando Mk IV Fastback

I bought a 1972, 750 Norton Commando. A combat engine, red fastback. It was a life changer. I think it really changed my preference for the bikes that I liked. It’s now 2017, the Commando is still with me and never to be moved on. It’s become a family member and sits in the workshop for all and myself to see each day. Jan and I travelled many miles on the Norton, two up with luggage. Even going to the Bathurst motorbike races at Easter time on a few occasions. It was also my main means of transport in those days, hail, rain or shine and always reliable. In 1984 the engine seized and ripped the back off one of the pistons. (I still have the piston!) I was pretty busy with the race cars, so the bike was left up the back of the workshop for a number of years. I eventually got back into it and did what you would call a personal restoration. It’s still very much the bike I had back in the mid 70’s and in pretty much the same trim. Yes, it’s still ridden and ridden the way it should be. It’s my main rider.

This bike is my main rider so I selected Takasago Excel shouldered rims. Stainless steel spokes. The front rim is standard 19”wm2 and the rear changed to 18”wm3 to accommodate Avon Roadrider tyres. Tyre sizes used are 100/90-19” front and 4.00-18” rear. The rear tyre maintains the same circumference as the original 19” tyre so the speedo and gearbox ratios don’t change. I also uprated the rear wheel spokes to a heavier butted gauge.

The hubs were polished and blasted. New bearings fitted. Front disc was linished and painted. The back brake shoes were relined and machined. Rear backing plate is powdercoated satin black. All the small parts were zinc plated. These are a very good uprated and safe set of wheels and certainly my recommendation for Norton Commandos.